Website Development and Digital Marketing Strategies for Solopreneurs and small business owners

Establishing and maintaining your business online can be overwhelming, intimidating and time consuming... Let me take care of your tech headaches and strategic planning.

William Mapp

Owner, WMappDigital

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Looking for Digital Marketing Consultant or Tech Guy?

Bringing your business online is a very smart move. But, it can be intimidating, frustrating, time consuming, complicated and overwhelming as you try to figure things out.

That's where I come in...

Whether you need a custom website built, help with developing a digital marketing strategy to grow your business, or just someone to take care of all the tech stuff for you, I've got you covered.

Services Offered

Website Development

Get your very own website that automatically turns visitors into subscribers, fans, customers and clients built for you.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Implement strategies to level-up you online presence and gain more customers for your business.

Local SEO Consulting

Affordable local SEO consultancy services. Guaranteed to get your local business on the first page of Google, or you don't pay anything.

Content Proofreading

Have confidence that you're publishing your best work (with minimal spelling, grammatical or other errors) by having the content reviewed and proofread.

About Me


I'm  William - Freelance Website Developer & Digital Marketing Strategist

I love to see people follow their passions, and build dream businesses around what they find joy in doing.

I've worked with artists, small interest groups, online coaches, course creators, and consultants to get their businesses online, often leading to long-term partnerships with my clients.

Your Best Interest

Essentially, I'm easy to work with and I love what I do. I am thorough and pay attention to details. I am prompt, efficient and diligent about deadlines

You'll Learn

I am good at breaking down complex tech matters into plain language. So, you'll gain a better understanding of the "technical" stuff. Check out my how-to articles and online courses.


I am open to discussing customized service packages and payment plans... My objective is to help you achieve your goals.


certified search marketing specialist


Working with me is pretty easy... Here's my simple approach:


We start off with an informal chat about your business, your goals, and where you want help, or you can.


If it sounds like I can help you, I'll prepare a proposal that details exactly what I believe you need to do next and how I can fill in the missing pieces.


Once we agree on the proposal, I'll get to work! You would be provided with updates and continual advice during the execution.


What They're Saying...

I've already seen a 215% increase in membership sign-ups

William's work on my website will make a significant difference to my business. I've already seen a 215% increase in membership sign-ups and it has been less than 30 days. William delivered more than I expected and earlier than promised.

Looking forward to working with him on my internet marketing strategy. I am referring him to my business associates.

Bill Saulsberry


Wow, a person who knows what he's doing, does it well & on time! Pinch me!

After 10 years of dealing with the online world ‘flake factor’ of false representation of skill sets, late delivery by months ++, ghosting… all resulting in long and costly delays of launches and promotions… to say nothing of the frustration, I was at the point of either learning all the tech myself  or walking away!

Then I started working with William, and with that came productivity, integrity and relief!  Wow, a person who knows what he's doing, does it well & on time! Pinch me!  He listened, wrote an outline to be sure we are both hearing the same thing, we made a plan, and he got it done!  He came through 100% of the time, whatever he promised happened just as we agreed to.  The relief I feel is enormous, and with William now covering all the tech bases, I am free to focus my energies on what a business owner should be doing…listening to and solving their ideal clients problems!

Thank you William!

Heather Beachum


I strongly recommend his service

Working with William in one word – demystifying. He makes the daunting task of managing your online commercial website simple. And of course it looks great! It’s not often that you can find someone in the website design and development field that is open to manifesting your ideas. I’ve never got the “this-can’t-be done-so-settle-for-this” affirmation from him. If he isn’t sure about how to get something done, he researches to find a way, which is exactly what I wanted - someone to do that hard work that I’m not wired to do.

Now my website does the heavy lifting, which allows me the time as an artist to do what I do best, create art. If you have a small business like me, and are not the best at the management and entrepreneurial side of things in the digital world, I strongly recommend his service.

Jason Jarvis


The Best Choice for Startups or Scale-ups

From our very first conversation, I knew that William saw things differently from most web developers and marketers. His engineering background gives him an insane ability to visualize and build integrated marketing solutions.

Why is this so powerful? Because marketing is complex.

You need to create websites, emails, social posts, courses, funnels, and so many other things that all need to feel seamless and move someone through a journey from not knowing who you are to knowing, liking, and trusting you to help them.

William’s ability to visualize the whole process and apply it to everything that startups or scale-ups need to generate revenue is astounding. If you’re trying to level up your business and you need a stronger approach to your marketing online, then William is definitely someone you need to talk to.

Christina Hooper

Digital Marketer, Multipreneur

Saved My Entire Launch.. Couldn't recommend him more!

With William's help, I was able to plug the holes that I had in my funnel that were causing 50% of my traffic to hit a 404 page and never even reach the thank you page (shitty problem to have during Black Friday).

He literally fixed my entire funnel and customer experience within 24 hours of me contacting him and helped me increase my conversion rate in the process. Saved my entire launch. Couldn't recommend him more!

Cristina Samoila


Can't thank you enough

Hey Will, I can't thank you enough for the amazing work you've done for me to date. The thought of having a website designed felt very daunting and intimidating, but from the start you put my mind at ease and reassured me that the process wasn't going to be as scary as I initially thought. You were right.

You have a way of breaking everything down so that even the least tech savvy (aka me) understands exactly what is happening. You had a clear understanding of my vision and you were able to bring it to life. I'm pleased to say your work exceeded my expectations.


Planner Enthusiast

We are very happy with the work he provided

My nonprofit worked with William to redesign and update our website. We are very happy with the work he provided. Our website looks great, and it works as needed. William works quickly and follows instructions well.

He asked for clarification when needed and always strived to make sure we were receiving an end product that corresponded to our vision.

Cole Alexander



Schedule a free 30-minute introductory call via Google Meet with me to chat about your business, your goals, your challenges, and where you want help.