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The Brand Visibility Blueprint

The “Celebrity” Branding Method That Drives More Customers, Clients, or Patients To Your Local Business In The Next 90 Days

Do you start out every month wondering where the your customers and sales are going to come from?

Does it frustrate you to see your competition making the kind of income you want, even though you’re better than them at what you do?

Do you feel confused or overwhelmed by marketing and technology?

boosting your online visibility and Presence Leads to Customer Growth and Improve Sales

What you need is a way to expand your reach and attract your ideal customers (on autopilot)… and that's exactly what boosting your online visibility and presence does!

It also allows you to establish yourself as the "go to expert" in your area, so that you don't have to worry about searching for new business month after month and chase down unqualified leads.

But how do you go about doing that?

by Leveraging the power of big brands

The simplest, and quickest, way to achieve this is by leveraging the popularity, authority and power of Big Brands that already have what you're looking for. 

You're probably wondering how does a small business like yours, that doesn't have a big budget, leverage the popularity of big brands?

One way is get onto the most popular websites and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and post a massive amount of (relevant and valuable) content.

But that's extremely time consuming and risky!

Fortunately, There is a new way!

Imagine that you had the ability to immediately leverage hundreds of major brands, including huge websites like ABC, USAToday, CBS, Fox News, NBC, and over 300 more!

You get on multiple platforms, in multiple formats (videos, articles, podcasts, etc.) and leverage their pre-existing authority and audiences. This ensures that people searching for the products and services you offer are very likely to see you.

Authority is the key to getting the traffic you need.

When Google sees that a business is being covered by authority sites, it starts to pay more attention.

As more people start visiting your website, they make more phone calls, they start walking into physical locations more often, they leave more positive reviews, and they mention your brand more often.

Then, as more and more people start searching for your business online, Google sees this and rewards you with more authority and the cycle repeats.

It’s like word-of-mouth marketing… on steroids.

Are you ready for your small business to increase its customers, and experience incredible growth?

I utilize a highly effective and efficient media & advertising strategy.

I can take any business and hugely increase their exposure for a variety of services, resulting in significant customer growth within a few months... Initial results are often seen in a matter of days.

Important: In order to maintain my media and advertising connections, I can only work with a limited number of businesses and criteria is strict.

If you are interested in improving your visibility, recognition & reputation and are in a position to handle more customers, then please get in touch to apply.

Client Case Studies

Kam,  Physiotherapist based in Slough in the UK

Kam was struggling to pay his bills, with no predictable way to get new patients into his practice. To make matters worse, he was trying to do everything himself, and basically spreading himself thin.

After doing a "lite" visibility campaign, and as a direct result of all this exposure and visibility across multiple channels, he immediately started getting a steady stream of new patients.

Within 4 short months, Kam was ranking in the Google 3-Pack for lots of different products and services that he offers. He doubled his annual revenue and was forced to hire 2 new therapists just to cope with the increased demand, going from 1 bed at half capacity to 3 beds at near-full capacity in ONLY 4 months!

This equated to an additional 6 figures in revenue due to the new exposure!

Custom Kitchen Remodelers, Colwyn Bay, North Wales

Brothers Kevin and Mike owned a kitchen remodeling business that was virtually invisible online.

After helping them define their ideal customer, a brand visibility campaign was launched which strategically focused their advertising on high-value products and services rather than trying to compete against big companies like Magnet and Howdens (two of the largest fitted kitchen retailers in the UK).

Within 3 months they had several spots on the first page of Google, listings on multiple big brand sites, and are now highly visible across multiple locations. Not only are they now in the Google 3-Pack for several of their products and services, but, they’re actually outranking Magnet.

Peter, Soundproofing Company based in Calgary, Canada

Peter owns a soundproofing company based in Calgary, Canada. He was trying to do everything at once and not really being the strategic leader of the business.

Like many business owners, he was initially skeptical, having been ripped off by marketing agencies who failed to deliver the results they promised, but eventually agreed to do a few brand visibility campaigns.

Today, his company has ads all over big brand sites across the internet, and as a result of this visibility he has lots of visibility in Google with several listings on the first page of Google, and is in the Money Pack across multiple locations.

Best of all, Peter can now focus 99% of his time on the strategic work as CEO, while taking more time away from the business.

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