Don't Let Poor Grammar, Bad Spelling, Inconsistencies and Other Errors in Your Content Lead to Bad Customer Experiences and Loss In Credibility

Content Mistakes Could Lose You Business

We've all come across typos, bad grammar and other errors online - in emails, social media posts, blog posts, websites, product descriptions, and other places.

There may be some level of tolerance for such errors when you're exchanging messages between friends, but when it comes to your business it comes off as unprofessional, and can lead to loss of potential customers... as well as hurt your rankings in search engine results.

How Content Errors Affect Your Business

A study conducted by Website Planet demonstrated that bad grammar and spelling mistakes on websites are bad for business.

They ran A/B tests on both Google ads and landing pages – between ones with immaculate grammar, and others with several spelling errors. They found that:

  • Typo Ads Resulted in a Decrease of up to 70% in Clicks Compared to Correct Ad
  • Typos on the Landing Page Increased Bounce Rate* by 85% and Reduced Time on Site by 8%

* Bounce Rate represents the percentage of visitors who enter a website and then leave rather than continuing to view other pages within the same website.

Online entrepreneur Charles Dunscombe, who runs travel, mobile phones and clothing websites revealed in a BBC interview that through his own research, he discovered that a single spelling mistake on a page of his website reduced the value of sales per visitor by nearly half.

Kyle Wiennes, CEO of ifixit and Dozuki (where mandatory grammar tests are part of the recruitment process) stated in a Havard Business Review article that:

Good grammar is credibility, especially on the internet. In blog posts, on Facebook statuses, in e-mails, and on company websites, your words are all you have. They are a projection of you in your physical absence. And, for better or worse, people judge you if you can’t tell the difference between their, there, and they’re.

Kyle Wiennes

CEO, ifixit and Dozuki

How Content Errors Affect Your Website's SEO Rankings 

Most of the communication on the internet is done through the written word. Truth be told, misspellings and such errors put off consumers who could have concerns about a website's credibility.

One of the things that Google uses to rank your site in search engine results is bounce rate, which is a measure of how long visitors spend on your website – if this time is relatively short, your site is at risk of being written off as unreliable, untrustworthy, or low quality. This will push your website down in the rankings, meaning even less traffic to your grammatically troubled website.

Outcome of Content Errors on Your Website & Business

  • Short-Term Outcome: You lose visitors who arrive at your website and leave due to bad spelling and grammar.
  • Long-Term Outcome: One of the metrics Google uses to rank your site is bounce rate. If Google notices a high bounce rate, it signals that the site is not trustworthy and lowers its position in the search engine result pages.

Get a Second Pair of Eyes On Your Content Before You Publish

Have the peace of mind knowing that your customers would enjoy an improved User experience, and that your credibility would not be eroded

Proofreading ensures that your work is thoroughly reviewed, so you feel good about releasing it to the world, and marketing it without any anxiety.

Even if you’re already confident in your writing ability, it’s prudent to have another person look over your content. That fresh pair of eyes can be the difference between a sale and an exit.

Automated ‘spell-checkers’ are ok but often cannot compare to proofreading done by a human who can discern the intended meaning behind your words, and ensure that content is unambiguous and holistically coherent.

Here are some things I look for when proofreading content:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Capitalization & Punctuation Issues
  • Readibility and Flow
  • Inconsistencies
  • Structured and Coherent Content
  • Dead Links
  • Unambiguity

I can review any aspect of your online business including your website, sales pages, blog posts, opt-in and thank-you pages, reports, emails, course content and training materials, or just about any part of your sales funnel.

Before starting my online business full-time, I practiced as an engineer for 20 years and during that time I was responsible for reviewing thousands of engineering reports, presentations, correspondences, training materials and other types of documents. Being an amateur actor for several years now, I've also been asked to review scripts for plays and short movies, as well as for radio and TV ads.

Client Testimonials

English is not my mother language. When I was preparing my sales page, I knew that I'd need help so that it looked professional, was consistent and grammatically correct. With William's help I was able to accomplish this. He not only helped me with grammar but also with content. Now I have a sales page that really sells.

Tomáš Vojtěchovský ‧ Swim Coach, Founder of

I was completely overwhelmed with the editing task of my lead generation book, to the degree that I let it sit in my inbox for two months! When William mentioned that he edits marketing material I felt a sense of relief knowing that I could pass it on to him and finally make some progress on this goal of mine. I immediately felt my stress level go down. His turnaround time was quick and the edits were great. He caught errors that the first round of editors missed and his suggestions for rewording some of the content were also great.

Even though he does not know the hair industry his suggestions were spot on. What I appreciated the most was that William made it very easy for me to implement his edits and suggestions. I'm thrilled to finally get this project on my DONE list and I feel very confident in what I will be putting out into the world! Thank you William!

Angelina Campos ‧ CEO of Hairchair Boss: Life &Business Coach to Hairstylists

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