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As a solopreneur or small business owner, you wear many hats. Juggling marketing, customer service, and administration is challenging enough, and technology can often be the biggest headache... leaving you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

But tech is a necessary part, that allows your business to run 24/7.  of running your business online, and allows you to
And the "do it yourself" approach you end up wasting precious hours struggling with technical issues... leaving you feeling overwhelmed, distracted and frustrated.

This valuable time spent on tech problems is time taken away from what truly matters - nurturing relationships, developing your products or services, and ultimately growing your business.

Are you experiencing any of these?...

  • You're overwhelmed and confused by the thousands of tools and platforms available to you.
  • You're spending more time trying to figure tech out than focusing on your customers and clients.
  • You wish you can get the tech working so you just move forward
  • You're fed up of flaky and unreliable freelancers from websites like Upwork and Fiverr, and you don't know who you can trust.
  • You’re not quite sure what you need, and need help finding the most cost-effective solutions, and have things set up.
  • You wish your tech person also understood digital marketing

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A Few Things You Can Get Help With...

  • Determining the most cost-effective and efficient tech setup for your business.
  • Creating and selling your own full-featured online courses.
  • Setting up a membership platform and payment providers
  • Creating sales funnels to maximize conversion rates
  • integrating and setting up email marketing platforms
  • Making your homepage and website look more professional and conversion-focused
  • Setting up marketing automation systems
  • Get things integrated and streamlined between different tools and platforms

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What They're Saying...

Wow, a person who knows what he's doing, does it well & on time! Pinch me!

After 10 years of dealing with the online world ‘flake factor’ of false representation of skill sets, late delivery by months ++, ghosting… all resulting in long and costly delays of launches and promotions… to say nothing of the frustration, I was at the point of either learning all the tech myself  or walking away!

Then I started working with William, and with that came productivity, integrity and relief!  Wow, a person who knows what he's doing, does it well & on time! Pinch me!  He listened, wrote an outline to be sure we are both hearing the same thing, we made a plan, and he got it done!  He came through 100% of the time, whatever he promised happened just as we agreed to.  The relief I feel is enormous, and with William now covering all the tech bases, I am free to focus my energies on what a business owner should be doing…listening to and solving their ideal clients problems!

Thank you William!

Heather Beachum


Saved My Entire Launch.. Couldn't recommend him more!

With William's help, I was able to plug the holes that I had in my funnel that were causing 50% of my traffic to hit a 404 page and never even reach the thank you page (shitty problem to have during Black Friday).

He literally fixed my entire funnel and customer experience within 24 hours of me contacting him and helped me increase my conversion rate in the process. Saved my entire launch. Couldn't recommend him more!

Cristina Samoila


Pricing Options

Alleviate your technology-related stress. Choose the help and support that best suits the specific needs of your business.

One Off Tech Help

Flexible help tailored to help you overcome tech obstacles. Get assistance working through what's holding you back right now, so you can move forward.

Let's begin with an informal chat to understand what you want to achieve and why... And how I can help.

Ongoing Support


Remove the headache, frustration and wasted hours having to personally dealing with website updates, malware, backups, performance issues and such.

You will no longer be alone to figure things out. Get hassle-free ongoing website and business support so you’ll have more time to focus on your business.

  • Weekly Updates all WordPress core files, themes, & plugins
  • Monitoring and fixing security and performance issues
  • Cleaning and removal of any malware if found.
  • Troubleshooting and fixing issues with tech stack
  • Making small edits to your website
  • Bi-weekly check ins (30mins)
  • Includes tech demonstrations as needed.

No contract | Cancel anytime.

Terms and Conditions

You can request unlimited edits per month - they will be processed one at a time.

What's Included:

  • Posts and Pages: You want the post or page published, images or content changed based on content you provide.
  • Media: You want images, audios, videos uploaded or replaced on your website (All the necessary files should be given)
  • Text: You want a heading or paragraph to be replaced on your site (necessary details should be given)
  • Installation and setting up a plugin.
What's Not Included:
  • Posts and Pages: Writing a blog post or content for a page. Creating a new page
  • Text: You want us to create a custom heading created, or paragraph replaced or new content created on your site.
  • Media: Finding the image for your site/content.
  • Development: Developing a custom plugin, theme, site, or custom functionalities.
  • ECommerce: Setting up WooCommerce or similar plugins, adding new products to your website. Creating custom flows like checkout progresses or custom ECommerce pages.
Response Time: In most cases, a reply to your email request will be sent within 24 business hours or sooner.


Is there any contract for the ongoing support?

There is no long-term contract with the Ongoing Business Support service. You continue with service if you feel I am delivering the value you want. If not, you can cancel anytime.

What happens on the free introductory call, and after the call?

On the call we'll talke about your business, what challenges you're experiencing, how I can help, and whether we're a good fit to be working together. After the call I'll send you a customize proposal that inculdes the scope of works, the timeframe for getting it done and the fee. Once you agree to the proposal, your project can get started.

How much do you charge?

The price of each project varies based on several factors. To get a firm quotation, please schedule a free introductory call with me, so I can better understand your needs and see if we're a good fit to work together.