A carefully curated set of 12 traffic and conversion guides with over 200 tips, tricks, strategies to help you get more traffic to your website (no matter what you're selling) and convert more of this traffic into subscribers and paying customers.

“The Good News is You Could be Just One Really Good Tip Away From Getting All the High-Quality Traffic You Need…”

Picture this…

It’s the 1980s, and Air Canada Flight 143 was cruising at a comfortable 41,000 feet. The 61 passengers aboard were enjoying the typical flight: light conversation with seat mates, a drink, a snack, maybe some inflight entertainment.

And then the unthinkable happened…

The plane ran out of fuel.

Warning bells went off in the cabin.  One engine went out, and then the second one did too. The pilots scrambled to read their emergency checklists, but there was no information available about landing with no engine power.

Fortunately one of the pilots was able to use his experience with gliders to fly the plane to a landing strip. At one point he could see the sheer terror on the faces of two boys who were riding their bikes near the plane’s projected impact zone, as they watched this ginormous commercial aircraft bearing down on them silently.

Miraculously, the plane landed without any casualties to passengers nor anyone on the ground. But clearly a plane running out of fuel could have had a much different and disastrous ending. It could have crashed and burned.

The reason I tell you this is because your business needs fuel too, or it will crash and burn. And this fuel comes in the form of targeted traffic.

Think about it…

You could have the most awesome business idea in the world.

You could have the best products that your niche would line up around the block to buy.

But if no one ever hears about your business, then you’re not going to see any sales or profits rolling in.

Or to put it another way…

If your business isn’t fueled by a steady stream of targeted traffic, then it’s going to crash and burn…

Happens every day. It’s no wonder that so many businesses fail within the first few years. Simply put… they don’t have enough fuel (AKA traffic) to drive profits.

Maybe you’re just getting started with your business, and you want to be sure you get off on the right foot with plenty of high-quality traffic.

Or maybe you’ve been doing this awhile and you’re ready to boost your game with more traffic and better conversions.

Either way, here’s something you’re sure to love…

Introducing: The Traffic & Conversion Essential Field Guides - A Set of 12 Guides That are full of tips, tricks, and strategies to help you

  • Get more traffic to your website, no matter what you’re selling
  • Convert more of this traffic into subscribers and cash-paying customers.

Quick Heads Up: these aren’t in-depth tutorials or step-by-step manuals. Instead, each guide presents to you a collection of 17 of the very best tips, ideas, insights, examples, templates, checklists and strategies you need to start driving more traffic to your website.

These are the gold nuggets and “ah ha!” moments that will give you an edge and create the kind of traffic stats you’ve been dreaming about.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at what’s inside each of these 12 guides. Here’s what you get…

What's Included In The Traffic And Conversion Essential Field Guides

Guide 1: The Guide to Traffic Strategy

17 Keys to Creating a Profitable, Effective Traffic Strategy

Inside this set of guides you’re going to get all sorts of tips, tricks and strategies for getting plenty of high-quality traffic flowing into your site.

But before you start working on any individual traffic method, the first thing you’ll want to do is read this guide. That’s because this guide shows you how to plan and optimize your overall traffic strategy.

As they say – failing to plan is like planning to fail. You can avoid all that by reading this guide first!

Guide 2: The Guide to Social Media Marketing

17 Ways to Attract a Targeted, Engaged Audience

It’s no secret that your audience is already on social media – and so are your competitors. That means if you’re not fully maximizing your use of social media in your marketing campaigns, then you’re likely leaving a lot of money on the table.

That why this guide reveals 17 tips for attracting and engaging your social media audience!

Guide 3: The Guide to Guest Blogging

17 Tips for Getting Your Content on Your Niche’s Best and Busiest Blogs

One really good way to get targeted traffic to your site is via guest blogging. The reason this works so well is because having your content on an influential site is almost like getting an endorsement from the site owner.

End result? Any traffic that clicks through tends to be warm and open to your offers.

And that’s exactly why you’ll want to check out these 17 tips for getting your content on the best blogs in your niche (and making the most of each guest-blogging opportunity)!

Guide 4: The Guide to Joint Venture Marketing

17 Tips, Tricks and Ideas for Leveraging Other People’s Traffic

Joint venture (JV) marketing is another great way to drive warm traffic, generate opt-ins or sales, and establish yourself as a trusted expert in a new niche.

Just ONE good joint venture can bring you thousands of visitors and plenty of sales – imagine the results when you get multiple joint venture partners using the trips, tricks and ideas inside this guide!

Guide 5: The Guide to Starting an Affiliate Program

17 Ways to Get More Affiliates and Get Your Affiliates Promoting More Often

Some of the biggest companies in the world (like Amazon) grew like crazy once they started an affiliate program. That’s because getting traffic from other trusted marketers in the niche is a good way to generate warm, cash-in-hand customers.

How do you set up your own affiliate program for maximum success? That’s what you’ll find out inside this guide!

Guide 6: The Guide to Blogging

17 Insights for Creating a Blog That Attracts Targeted Traffic Like a Magnet

A blog not only helps you attract qualified traffic, it also helps you build relationships with your prospects and customers. That’s why you’ll want to use the 17 insights revealed inside this guide for planning, setting up, and running your own popular, profitable blog!

Guide 7: The Guide to Content Marketing

17 Tips and Tricks for Getting Your Content in Front of a Warm Audience

Content marketing is all about getting your best content in front of as many targeted members of your niche as you can. To that end, content marketing has two main steps:

1.    Write content that your audience really wants to read.
2.    Distribute this content as widely as possible.

This guide shows you how to do both so you can start bringing in more traffic and higher quality of traffic!

Guide 8: The Guide to Referral Traffic

17 Hacks for Creating Viral Content That Sweeps Across Your Niche Like a Prairie Fire

Some of the biggest businesses in the world used referral marketing to grow from a rinky-dink start up to a multi-million-dollar behemoth. This includes companies like PayPal, DropBox, Uber and more.

Now inside this guide you’ll get tips, tricks and ideas for creating your own referral program so happy customers can refer their friends. Plus you’ll also get plenty of ideas for creating viral content that sweeps your niche like a prairie fire!

Guide 9: The Guide to SEO Traffic

17 Tips and Insights for Boosting Your Visibility in Google

One of the advantages of SEO (search engine optimization) is that it works nicely alongside your other content marketing strategies, such as blogging and social media marketing. It’s like throwing gasoline on a fire – do it right, and your traffic explodes! And this guide delivers the tips and insights you need to start getting that sort of high visibility in the search engines!

Guide 10: The Guide to Paid Advertising

17 Keys for Placing Paid Ads That Get Big Results

Placing a highly targeted paid advertisement can deliver high-quality traffic -- and a lot of it. This makes paid advertising a great place to test and track your ads, products, sales letters and more. That’s why you’ll want to check out this guide, which will reveal tips for crafting and placing high-converting ads!

Guide 11: The Guide to Offline Marketing

17 “Old School” Ideas for Putting Your Marketing Message in Front of an Offline Audience

Throughout these Guides, we mainly focus on online advertising and marketing strategies. However, there are plenty of offline “old school” ways to market your business that are highly effective.

What are they and which ones work the best today? That’s exactly what you’re going to find out inside this guide!

Guide 12: The Guide to Conversion Optimization

17 Keys to Getting Better Results With Your Traffic Campaigns

What’s the key to advertising success?

Just this: you need test, track and optimize your ads and traffic campaigns for maximum conversions. That’s why inside this guide you’ll find out how to write better ads and how to test those ads to get the best response possible!

Here’s the bottom line: if you’re looking for the net’s best collection of tips, examples, insights, ideas and strategies to start getting better and more profitable results from your traffic strategy, then the Traffic and Conversion Essential Field Guides are exactly what you need.

How Much Is It?

You might expect to pay $10, $15 or more for each of these guides, and you can bet they’d be worth every penny. That’s because just ONE profitable tip inside each of these guides is worth more than the asking price. These are the sorts of tips that can add hundreds or even thousands to your bottom line (they’ve done that for me and several others – imagine what they’ll do for you)…

But you don’t need to pay $15 or more for each of these guides. I’ve bundled all 12 of them together into one set for the low price of $97 -- that’s just $8 a guide.

That’s a steal. You know it and I know it. If these guides help you get just one or two extra customers this year, then the Traffic and Conversion Essential Field Guides collection pays for itself. You can’t ask for anything better than that.

Or can you?

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