The Content Marketing "Go-To" Field Guide

A collection of checklists, worksheets, cheat sheets, FAQs, swipe files, planners and other resources that help you create and publish content that attracts an engaged audience, builds your list of subscribers, and generates sales.

Actionable, proven strategies for effective content marketing.

Get The Proven Content Marketing Strategies That Reliably Attract Engaging Prospects, Build Your Subscriber List and Generate Much More Sales for Your Business

This 10-part content marketing guide makes it easier than ever for you to systematically create and publish content that drives revenue.

You know that content is a vital part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

But, perhaps just like many solopreneurs and small businesses, you're putting out subpar content that's actually costing you time and money without giving you anything in return.

You've just about given up because your content marketing failed to produce results.

Does it really make sense continuing to create content week after week when all you have to show for it is a handful of "vanity" followers… and hoping that things will change soon?


Creating content just because "you should be doing content", and randomly publishing and promoting your content without any purpose will not work!

Content should be strategically created to inspire your audience to take action and move them deeper into a trusting relationship with you that culminates into sales and them being a fan of your brand.

You can do this if you just know the secrets of crafting and implementing an effective and profitable content marketing strategy.

And that’s exactly what you’re about to get your hands on…

If you want to get better results then you need reliable and actionable content marketing strategies that are guaranteed to:

  • Attract the right type of people to your business
  • Establish your expertise and engage your audience
  • Never again let you run out of good ideas for content.
  • Warm up your audience to the idea of purchasing a particular product or service
  • Make crafting content faster and easier than ever before

Achieving your overall goal of growing and converting traffic with content marketing requires planning and purposeful action. And you're about to learn the exact steps you need to implement...


The Content Marketing Field Guide

A 10-part guide to developing a content marketing plan designed to make it faster, easier and with a greater chance of success for you to get more traffic, more subscribers, and more sales!

This guide includes checklists, templates, swipes, worksheets,  mistakes to avoid, and more.

What's Inside The "Content Marketing Field Guide"?


Your Ultimate Content Marketing Checklist

Good content can help you generate targeted traffic, convert traffic, establish your expertise, build good relationships with your audience and more. And this checklist will help you develop and implement an effective content marketing plan!


The Content Marketing Titling Swipe File

If your content title doesn’t get attention, then no one is going to click on your blog links, open your emails, watch your videos, or read any other type of content you create. That’s why you’ll want to use this titling swipe file to help you create compelling titles.


3 Content Outlines for Every Occasion

One of the keys to creating good content is to start with a solid outline. This keeps your content focused on your goals while providing a lot of value to readers. And that’s why you’ll want to review these three content outlines you can use to create most of your content.


5 Ways (with Examples) of How to Use Content to Grow Your Business

Content is the lifeblood of your business. You can use it to drive traffic, convert traffic, build relationships, build your brand and generate cash. This resource will show you dozens of examples of how to do these five profitable things.


The Sample Blog Publishing Calendar

You don’t want to leave your content marketing strategy to chance. That’s why this tool gives you a sample blog publishing calendar, along with tips and ideas for creating a calendar for your blog that’s specific to your needs.


How to Create Engaging Content

Whether you’re using content to generate traffic, covert traffic, build your brand or similar activities, the key to your success is to create effective content. This mini tutorial will show you how to do it.


The Content Ideation Worksheet

Sometimes one of the biggest stumbling blocks to creating great content is to come up with great ideas about what to write. Use this worksheet to help you with content ideation, and you’ll never again run out of good ideas.


The Content Marketing FAQ

If you’re just getting started with content marketing, you may have questions. The good news is that we have the answers you need inside this content marketing FAQ.


How to Create Presell Content

One of the most effective ways to use content in your business is by creating presell content. This is content that warms up your audience to the idea of purchasing a particular product or service. And this mini guide shows you how to do it.


6 Ways to Create Content Faster, Easier and Better

If you’ve got a great content marketing strategy planned, then it’s probably pretty clear to you that you need a lot of content in order to unleash your full strategy. That’s why you’ll want to check out the ideas inside this resource for crafting content faster and easier than ever before.

"The Digital Business Growth Kit lays out the action steps you need to take to market a digital product the right way. William has broken down the key concepts into bite-sized chunks that are easy to understand, and apply regardless of what you're selling. It's a course I wish was available when I was starting out."

aj saunders, Ecommerce Marketing Agency and Coach

I love this easy-to-work roadmap to business success. Developed with the logical flow of an engineering mind, but presented in a style reminiscent of chatting with a colleague, this course painlessly delivers a detailed step-by-step process that any digital business owner can benefit from. I'm looking forward to seeing what future courses William has up his sleeve.

francey true, certified Master Christian Life Coach

Using AI to create content is a really hot topic right now... So, to ensure you're leveraging it effectively...


Creating Content With AI

A crash course in using artificial intelligence tools to create better content, faster and easier than ever before

This brand new field guide will help you no matter what tool you're using, including popular tools such as ChatGPT, Claude and Copilot, the tools that have integrated with these popular tools, as well as tools that may not even be in existence as yet.

You'll discover how to use ANY AI tool to create content, and how to do it in a way that saves you time and money, and avoids any potential problems that could cost you in the long run.

What's Included:


How to Use AI for Content Creation

We start with an overview of a simple but effective workflow for creating quality content with AI tools.


8 Limitations of Using AI for Content Creation

AI tools do come with some limitations. And if you want to make sure you’re creating good content, then you need to be aware of the limitations and overcome them.


7 Common Mistakes Beginners Make When Using AI for Content Creation

Using artificial intelligence tools to help you create content for your business saves you both time and money. But don't fall prey to these 7 common mistakes.


FAQs for Creating Content Fast, Better and Easier with AI Tools

If you’re just getting started with AI tools, then you may have a few questions about how to best use these tools. That’s why we have answers to common questions.


How to Decide What Type of Content to Create with AI Tools

AI tools may be able to assist you with all or most of your content, depending on your needs. This worksheet will help you decide which content to create yourself and which pieces to create with the help of AI.


7 Tips and Best Practices for Making the Most of AI Tools

Are you ready to start using AI tools to make content creation faster and easier for you? Then you’ll want to check out the following tips and best practices.


Hot to Edit and Publish content using AI Tools

Whether you’ve created a piece of content yourself, outsourced it, or used AI tools to create it, you need to edit and polish the content. And the good news is that the AI tools can help you with this step too!


How to Use AI Tools for Content Brainstorming and Ideation

Discover 5 steps to using AI for content ideation and other brainstorming. Once you start using AI tools for brainstorming, you may find the tool quickly becomes your favorite brainstorming partner.


10 Ways to Use AI During the Content Creation Process

If you haven’t played around with any artificial intelligence content creation tools, then you may not know all the ways you can use them to help you create content. Check out these top ten ways and ideas.


The Ultimate Checklist for Creating Content With AI Tools

When you’re ready to jump into the exciting world of artificial intelligence tools, you’re going to want to use this checklist as you work through the process of creating content.

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William is the founder of, a digital marketing agency created to help solopreneurs and small business owners develop a greater more effective online presence and gain more clients and customers for their businesses.

An engineer turned website developer and digital marketing strategist, he has "an insane ability to visualize and build integrated marketing solutions that work to drive leads."
He is driven by his love to see people follow their passions, and build dream businesses around what they find joy in doing, and continues to work with artists, small interest groups, online coaches, course creators, and consultants.

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Christina Hooper


The Best Choice for Startups or Scale-ups

From our very first conversation, I knew that William saw things differently from most web developers and marketers. His engineering background gives him an insane ability to visualize and build integrated marketing solutions.

Why is this so powerful? Because marketing is complex.

You need to create websites, emails, social posts, courses, funnels, and so many other things that all need to feel seamless and move someone through a journey from not knowing who you are to knowing, liking, and trusting you to help them.

William’s ability to visualize the whole process and apply it to everything that startups or scale-ups need to generate revenue is astounding. If you’re trying to level up your business and you need a stronger approach to your marketing online, then William is definitely someone you need to talk to.

Bill Sausberry


I've already seen a 215% increase in membership sign-ups

William's work on my website will make a significant difference to my business. I've already seen a 215% increase in membership sign-ups and it has been less than 30 days. William delivered more than I expected and earlier than promised.

Looking forward to working with him on my internet marketing strategy. I am referring him to my business associates.

Cristina Samoila

Marketing Specialist

Saved My Entire Launch.. Couldn't recommend him more!

With William's help, I was able to plug the holes that I had in my funnel that were causing 50% of my traffic to hit a 404 page and never even reach the thank you page (shitty problem to have during Black Friday).

He literally fixed my entire funnel and customer experience within 24 hours of me contacting him and helped me increase my conversion rate in the process. Saved my entire launch ❥. Couldn't recommend him more!

Unlock the Power of These Proven Strategies: Build Your Email List, Create an Engaged Audience, and Generate a Flood of Sales!

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  • The Ultimate Content Marketing Checklist
  • The Content Marketing Titling Swipe File
  • 3 Content Outlines for Every Occasion
  • 5 Ways (with examples) of How to Use Content to Grow Your Business
  • The Sample Blog Publishing Calendar
  • How to Create Engaging Content
  • The Content Ideation Worksheet
  • The Content Marketing FAQ
  • How to Create Presell Content
  • 6 Ways to Create Content Faster, Easier and Better
  • The "Creating Content with AI" Field Guide ($97 Value)

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This guide is a great fit for online business owners and solopreneurs who want an actionable plan of action to create and publish content that attracts an engaged audience, builds your list of subscribers, and generates sales.

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This is an “On-demand” course that you can access at any time. Once your payment is successfully submitted, you will receive an email with your login details for the WMappDigial courses library, where you’ll be able to access the course. It is a go-at-your-own-pace training so you don’t have to worry about missing anything.

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Yes! You'll get access to all the content in the course the moment you sign up. This means you can work through the guides, checklists, worksheets and other resources in the kit as slowly or as quickly as you want!

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The guide itself is highly valuable if you need to implement content marketing effectively - attract more customers, boost your sales, and maximize your ROI, etc.

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