Thrive Themes has released another set of updates for their Thrive Suite products. I've read through the update article, and in this blog post I want to share with you TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read) version. Essentially, you'll learn what the updates are and a quick overview of each update.

If you'd like to read the full article on Thrive Themes website, you can go here: 4 New Features in Thrive Themes— August 2023!


You can also view the updates on the video below from the Thrive Themes YouTube channel:

Ok... let's get into it...

The 4 new added features in this update are:

  1. Animated Text Highlights
  2. Gradients on Text, Icons, Borders and Dividers
  3. Hidden & Archived Courses
  4. Course Access Expiry

#1 - Animated Text Highlights

These are animated text highlights you can add to any word or key phrase in your paragraphs or headlines on your webpages. This allows you to draw attention to specific words.

Adding in the animated text highlights is really easy in Thrive Architect. In the visual editor, simply select the piece of text, and click the highlight color picker. This will give you the basic highlight type.

Then, open the 'Highlight Options' dropdown and you can pick from the different highlight types. Here are examples of the 12 highlight types that are available:


Brush Stroke



Crossed Lines


Double Underline

Fluid Wave

Marker Highlight


Unruly Wave

Zig Zag

#2 - Gradients on Text, Icons, Borders and Dividers

Just as the name suggests, this allows you to add gradients to text, icons, borders and dividers. For example:

To get this effect, with our visual editor, you'll simply need to choose 'Gradient' rather than "Solid" for your font color options.

Selecting 'Gradient' will allow you to open the gradient color picker. You can choose between radial or linear gradients, set the angle, and place multiple nodes on the gradient color scale.

The next two new features are for Thrive Apprentice... Thrive Themes' WordPress plugin for creating, managing courses and digital products.

#3 - Hidden & Archived Courses

There are now 2 new "published" statuses for courses - Hidden and Archive.

With the status set to "Hidden" courses it will not show up publicly on your website... unless the person viewing has access to it. This is good for when you have private training programs for a select set of customers/clients, or for courses that you're selling with an open/close course enrollment. So, only people that you've granted access to, or those that you promote it to will see "Hidden" courses.

You can use the 'Archive' status when you want to remove a course from public listing with the intention of retiring it, but you want customers that have bought that course to continue having access to it.

When you archive a course, it will take a snapshot of all users who have access to it at that time. Those students will retain access and can come back to consume it's content, but it'll be closed for business from any new students who will not be able to sign up.

#4 - Course Access Expiry

This feature allows you to automatically revoke access from students after a time period of your choosing.

You can set the expiration to be on a specific date, or a number of days after they first enrolled, unique per enrollment date.

Customers will be automatically notified that their course access is expiring via email, the content of which you customize. And you'll be able to choose how far in advance you'd like that reminder email to be sent to your customers.

Again, if you're interested in reading the full article on the Thrive Themes blog, you can do so here: Thrive Themes Updates August 2023

If you want to keep up with the newest product and feature updates from Thrive Themes, then keep an eye on their blog -

Also check out my comprehensive Thrive Themes review here.

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