Shift 2 – Go Small To Win Big

Shift #2 is about getting yourself more customers for the exact products and services you want to sell more of.

Getting more visibility and attention is only half the battle... Turning that attention into action is the hard part, and this is where most people go wrong.

The reason most advertising fails to produce a return is because it doesn’t speak to a specific problem the audience cares about.

Let Your Marketing Target Specific Services Rather Than Generalized Services

Most small business websites list the various products and services they offer, but provide little-to-no detail about each of those services. Let alone explain what makes them stand out from the competition!

This is a mistake because people want to know if the dentist or plumber they’re about to hire actually knows what they’re doing.

They want to know that you’re an expert in the thing they’re looking to buy, right?

If you’ve ever spent money on advertising and it didn’t work, this is probably why. You must position yourself as a specialist, rather than a generalist.

When you do this, you’re no longer competing with everyone else.

Because when people can see that you’re an expert in addressing their SPECIFIC needs, you will stand out as the best choice.

You see, advertising specific services positions you as a specialist in that area, rather than a generalist.

This is important for you because, as you’ll come to discover, specialists always get paid more than generalists.

Let’s say you’re a dentist, for example, and you want more teeth whitening patients.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you need to stop offering all the other products and services you offer and only sell teeth whitening services.

What I’m saying is that you need to:

  • Make it clear that you offer teeth whitening as a service
  • Publish strategic content that demonstrates your expertise in teeth whitening.

By showing you have the knowledge to solve specific problems… and offering products or services that do exactly that… you position yourself and your business as the logical choice in your marketplace.

Let's Look at an Example

Imagine you’ve injured your wrist playing golf, and you come across two options, two “experts” who both say they can help you.

One is a “general” physiotherapist who helps anyone affected by an injury, illness, or disability.

The other is a golf injury specialist who talks specifically about their expertise when it comes to treating injured golfers.

In this situation, which of the two is the surest investment? Even if the specialist is more expensive, they’re the one you’re going to choose, right?


Because their messaging is more specific and it speaks directly to your specific problem.

So not only do you feel like this person understands your problem, but you naturally feel as though they have the better solution to your problem, as well.

So, the secret to marketing your small business online is to focus on advertising specific services that bring in the exact type of customer you want.

In other words, you must get specific on who they are and what they’re looking for.

That’s why it’s so important to “go small (specific) to win big.”

As a small business owner, you don’t want to be competing with large corporations that have seemingly unlimited marketing budgets.

What Are The Specific Services That You Offer

Instead of trying to compete with big companies for general (and highly competitive) needs, you want to drill down and become a “big fish in a small pond.”

This will often mean shifting the focus of your advertising message from more general to more specific products or services.

For instance, instead of offering general home renovation services, you could consider specializing in custom kitchen makeovers. Or promote your brand to a segment of homeowners in a particular neighborhood or area of town.

Best of all, these more specific needs will be much easier to rank for, which will mean you can start ranking that much faster.

Now, with that in mind, ask yourself this question:

How many different products and services does your business offer?

But here’s the thing I need you to understand - this is about more than just listing the services you offer... It’s about ensuring people who are looking to solve a specific problem can see that YOU are an expert in solving that specific problem.

It’s about ensuring that if you offer cosmetic dentistry, or custom kitchen remodeling, or whatever the case may be, the people looking for those services can see A) that you sell it, and B) that you are knowledgeable on the topic and the best choice in the area.

You can achieve this simply by placing ads about the specific service on big brand sites.

Let's ask another question:

Of all the products and services your business offers, which of them generates the most profit for your business?

Let's Look at Another Example

Imagine you’re a dentist.

There are dozens of products and services a dentist offers to their patients - they range in price from $100 for a routine examination, all the way up to about $5,000 for a set of Invisalign braces.

So, with that in mind, let me ask you this: If you were a dentist, would you rather get more of the $100 patients or the $5,000 patients?

Obviously, you’d want more of the $5,000 patients, right?

How visible is your business online for your high-value products or services?

Remember, 76% of people who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a business within 24 hours. And 28% of those searches result in a purchase.

If your brand’s advertising isn’t all over the internet and on every social platform, the fact is you are losing business to your competitors.

Your Visibility vs Your Competitors

There's a type of report you can prepare to help you see exactly how your online visibility stacks up against your competitors.

It’s called a Snapshot Report, and it provides an insight into your business’ visibility for various products and services based on location.

This allows us to quickly identify areas where you’re currently losing business to your competitors, as well as opportunities for growth.

And our goal is to basically turn this Snapshot Report from red to green. Taking you from barely being visible at all, to being extremely visible.

And ultimately ensuring your business has a 5-star rating for each of the products and services that you offer, across each of the locations you serve.

This report should be updated every month, so you can see your visibility improving in real-time.

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